A.     I was born in a little log studio

B.     I was born in less than an hour

C.     I was born on a laundry chute

Radio’s always been my ambition. I can remember back to age 1 (!), listening to Boston radio and wanting to do what I heard the professionals doing.  Later, with a 5 watt PA system, the speaker aimed out from the bedroom window, a crystal lapel mic and a record player, the neighbors would suffer nightly ‘entertainment.’  Kids would dance on the front lawn. Adults would cover their ears.

Ithaca College offered a first taste of radio in 1970 on a carrier-current AM station which could be heard anywhere on campus near an electric outlet. The 10 watt FM was heard all over the city. One day it occurred to me that, to report the weather, one needs to report from outdoors, where the weather is. I may not have been the first to do this, but it was new in Ithaca.

Hopscotched through several stations over the years. Kids came along and I had to get a “real” job in the home office of a giant life insurance company while working in radio on the side. Hey, gotta feed the need, right?

Layoffs later I was fortunate to find full time work in radio. Home at last!

Oh, yes, the multiple guess. The answer is C. Really! It was the Baby Boom, no available hospital rooms so they made Mom comfortable in the hospital laundry on an extension of the chute. Still hate the smell of starch!